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Rupaiya Exchange

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Online Peer to Peer marketplace for easy Loans and Lending

P2P Loans ?

6 Months - 36 Months

Decide your terms

Borrow Lend

Monthly Loan Applications

UP 15%

Loan Origination

> 60,00,00,000

Funding Offers

> 23,00,00,000

Monthly Funding Offers

UP 20%

Average Interest

22 %

Existing Lender Commitments

> 10,50,00,000

Come and Experience Peer to Peer Lending in India!

Rupaiya Exchange is an online credit marketplace which aims to connect borrowers and lenders to facilitate peer to peer lending in India.

With algorithms in place that use multiple data points, including financial, social, behavioural and web presence checks to assess credit profile of borrowers and predict their repayment – the aim of the P2P lending market place is to ensure provision of credit to the deserved thereby enhancing financial inclusion.

For Borrowers, we help obtain both Personal Loans (medical loans, wedding loans, car loans, etc.) and Business Loans.

As an investor, the platform offers curated list of investment options along with the necessary data you require to make a well informed decision.

Why Choose us for P2P Loans ?

For Lenders

Upto 100% Principal Assured*

Monthly Payouts

Diversify your Assets

High Return on Investments

Invest as little as Rs. 1,000

For Borrowers

No Prepayment Fees

Choose your Rate of Interest

Choose your Repayment Tenure

Competitive Bidding from Lenders

Easy Online processing & Approval

Start today to Experience the ease of P2P Lending & Borrowing

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  • My experience is awesome. After addressing my initial doubts by the rx team and easy documentation my loan for 50 k was processed quickly as promised by the rx team. it was such a great thing that can happen for a common man on whom all the bank doors are shut and this new money lending concept is such a treat for a common man. easy loan processing minimal documents and commitment from the rx team makes sure all your financial worries are taken care of. I absolutely recommend this to my fellow Indians.


  • Hi Team,
    Thank you for quick approval.
    The time took for rxchange to disburse the money was amazing and the customer support was mind blowing.
    They discussed about the bank holidays well in advance and arranged funds so that I got the approval before the bank holidays.
    Excellent customer support team rxchange.


  • Unbelievable service, its one of a kind and fast service, I think banks should speed up their services by learning from you all. Best of luck and keep up the good work

    Regards, Kumar

  • Quick processing, lower interest than any P2P lenders in market. Exceptional support from team. I have come across many P2P lenders that take advantage with exorbitant ROI, RX is different and I wish RX best of luck.

    Regards, Shamala

  • It has been a wonderful experience with RupaiyaExchange. Everything is so transparent and easy to understand and easy to get loan. What stands apart in RupaiyaExchange is the short term loans or bridge loans which I am sure will click with individuals who are unable to get large amount. RupaiyaExchange will make every opportunity count in our favour and guide us in getting the loan ASAP which I think is not possible in other p2p providers in India. Hats off to RupaiyaExchange team. You should go stronger in the future.

    Regards, Satish Kumar

  • As a Borrower I want to say that you people are doing great and really helping people with no efforts. There are lots of P2P lenders but 99% of lenders hesitate to lend in every parts of India. But "Rupaiyaexchange" is just "Rupaiyaexchange".

    Regards, Dipak

  • I would like to thank the entire team of RUPAIYAEXCHANGE, for helping me during my crisis. They always attended the phone and answered my queries. They are extremely courteous and once the rules are informed they never make any changes. They are also humane enough to understand when there is emergency. I WISH THEM ALL SUCCESS IN FUTURE, MAY GOD BLESS THEM FOR HELPING THE NEEDY.

    Regards, Geetha