Rupaiya Exchange is an online platform facilitating secured and unsecured personal and business loans.

Rupaiya Exchange

Alternative financing market in India is growing at an astonishing pace. It looks at alternate sources of data to predict the repayment behaviour of a borrower. Rupaiya Exchange is one of such platforms facilitating alternative financing.

We are transforming the traditional financial system into a quick, cost effective and highly efficient online market thereby helping people achieve their financial goals everyday.

Our Mission

The idea behind Rupaiya Exchange is to increase financial inclusion by bringing credit to the common man. Rupaiya Exchange facilitates personal and business loans to those who require funds through this virtual platform.

What We Do ?

We believe that one has to look at potential borrowers in a way which is beyond the traditional gamut of financial numbers and take into account non-traditional data including social behavior or profile checks including education, schooling upbringing, etc. to predict their repayment behavior.

With the use of multiple data extraction and analysis techniques, and proprietary scoring mechanism, we score every individual and not rely only on the traditional credit checks. Through the use of technology, we would like to provide credit to credible borrowers and bring down their cost of borrowing.