RupaiyaExchange.com is one of the leading P2P Lending companies in India. We provide our lenders with an easy to use, innovative and secure P2P lending platform for lending money online in India. We can help you earn high return on investments.



High Risk Adjusted Returns

Earn a higher interest income than most of the traditional instruments and instruments carrying similar amount of market risks. You can choose your own terms while investing.

Choose the Borrower & Investment Terms

Lenders can filter through the available borrowers and choose an amount and interest for investment as desired. Invest as little as Rs. 10,000.00/-

Rigorous Credit Check & Analysis

We have incorporated the best practices from banking and non-banking industries to ensure the peace of mind that our lenders experience.
We Verify and Rate the borrowers based on their Financial, Social & Behavioral patterns.

Lender Protection*

Your principal amount is protected and insured when you lend through Rupaiya Exchange.
* Applicable on select loans only.

Assets Diversification & Monthly Payouts

Reduce Risk by Diversifying your assets among multiple borrowers.
Enjoy monthly payouts.

Peace of Mind

We take care of the KYC and verification of Borrowers. Our credit team makes sure, that only credit-worthy borrowers are allowed on our platform.
Both Borrower and Lender sign a legal documentation verified by us.



For Individual Lenders

  • You should be an Indian national above 18 years of age
  • You should have a PAN Card
  • You should have an active bank account
  • You should have an identity proof and a residence proof
  • You are needed to submit necessary documents as required

For Businesses

  • Public Company/Partnership/Proprietorship/Private company or OPC
  • Company PAN Card required
  • Company should have an active bank account
  • Certification of Incorporation and a valid registered office proof
  • You are needed to submit necessary documents as required



For Lenders

  • While the platform ensure that only genuine borrowers are shortlisted, diligence of the Borrowers is the sole responsibility of the Lenders.
  • It is advisable to diversify your investment among multiple borrowers to minimize any losses.
  • Like any other investment options, there are risks involved in P2P lending.
  • An individual cannot borrow money to lend, either from this platform or any other P2P lending platform in India.
  • You would be bound by the platforms Rules and Regulations at all times during the tenure of the loan.
  • If you place a bid on a loan and the borrower accepts your bid, you are liable to loan the borrower with the amount you bid at the bid interest rate. If you are unable to do so, it is your responsibility to inform us in advance.